John Nurminen Marine's list of publications needed on board

Giving a complete and precise list of maritime publications needed onboard different kinds of vessels in different situations is not an easy task. The list here below is based on a long term cooperation with seafarers and maritime authorities, but naturally it has no proof value what so ever when discussing the mandatory / not mandatory status of a particular publication in a particular situation.

The list can be used in the planning of the library of a new vessel or when a vessel is changing routes and / or cargoes. When in doubt, please consult your maritime inspector.

Title with an asterisk ( * ) denotes a document, that has to be made and updated on board.

All ships, Finnish flag (for own Flag State rules please consult national authorities)
FMA Information sheets
FMA Notices to Mariners
  Maritime labour law
  International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (national edition)
IMO 904E COLREG Collision Regulations
  Finnish List of Lights, or
Admiralty List of Lights for sailing area
  Sailing Directions (Pilots) for sailing area
  Updated charts of the route
  Maritime legislation (national edition)
  Crew list *
  Oil log
  Waste log
  Ship's log *
  Engine log *
  Waste plan *
  Contingency plan in case of oil spills *
  Watch keeping rules
  Route plan *
  Fire Safety Plan *
  Alarm list * (personal responsibilities in a emergency situation)
  Training manual *
  International Code of Signals
IMO 292E Codes of safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing

Ships in international traffic
  The Nautical Almanac or equivalent
NP201 Admiralty Tide Tables UK and Ireland incl. European Channel Ports
NP202 Admiralty Tide Tables Europe (excl. UK & Ireland) Mediterranean Sea & Atlantic Ocean
IMO 927E IMO Ship's Routeing

  Radio log
ITU's and Admiralty's radio books
ITU 001 ITU List of Call Signs and Numerical Identities of Stations used by the...
ITU 002 ITU Radio Regulations (printed version A4) 2004
ITU 003 ITU List of Coast Stations
ITU 004 ITU Manual for use by the Maritime Mobile and Maritime Mobile Satellite Service
ITU 005 ITU List of Radiodeterminations and special service Stations VI
All ships on international routes
ITU 006 ITU List of Ship Stations V
IMO 908E International Safety NET Manual
IMO 951E Navtex Manual
IMO 962E IAMSAR Manual Vol. III (International Aeronautical & Maritime Search & Rescue Manual)
IMO 969E GMDSS Operating Guidance Card
NP281 Admiralty Coast Radio Stations
NP283 Admiralty Radio Weather Services & Navigational Warnings
Europe, Africa, Asia
NP285 Admiralty Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
NP286 Admiralty Pilot Service and Port Operations parts 1 - 5 (replaces NP 287)
  World Wide Navigational Warning Service
  World Wide Radionavigation Service

Ship's medicines
FMA The Ship's Pharmacy (national edition)
  Medicin log *
PPF Pharmaca Fennica 1 and 2
X406 Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse
X382 WHO International Medical Guide for Ships

Transport of dangerous goods
IMO 200E International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code)
IMO 210E IMDG Code Supplement
IMO 223E Wall Chart: IMO Dangerous Goods Labels Marks and Signs incl. amdts 28-96
TSG55 Storck Guide to Stowage & Segregation to IMDG Code

Cargo carriers
  Guidelines for cargo securing (national edition)
  Occupational health and safety legislation (national edition)
FED011 Rig book
IMO 292E Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing, CSS-Code

Cargo / bulk carriers
IMO 240E International Code for the Safe Carriage of Grain in Bulk
(International Grain Code)
IMOD 260E Code of safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargoes (BC Code)
IMO 275E Code of Safe Practice for Ships carrying Timber deck Cargoes
IMO 653E Guidelines for the Provisional Assessment of Liquids Transported in Bulk
  Guide to Container Handling
  Carriage of Dangerous Goods in Ships
  Carriage of Dangerous Goods in Ships, amendments 1-1985, 2-1986, 3-1988

Tankers / crude
  Oljedagbok / däck
IMO 617E Crude Oil Washing System
PWISGOT International Safety Guide for Oiltankers / Terminals “ISGOTT”
5th edition 2006
  ASTM-IP-API Petroleum measurement Tables
  Advance Training Programme on Oil Tanker Operations
  Clean seas Guide for Oil Tankers
  International Flue Gas Safety Guide
PWISTG Ship to Ship Transfer Guide (Petroleum)
  Ship / Shore Safety Check-List Guidelines
  Safety in Oil Tankers
  Tank Cleaning Guide, Dr.Verwey's
  OCIMF / ICS Prevention of Oil Spillages Through Cargo Pumproom Sea Valves
  OCIMF Mooring Equipment Guidelines
  OCIMF Effective Mooring
  OCIMF Guidelines for the Handling, Storage, Inspection and Testing of Hoses in the Field
  USCG Regulations for Tankers (USCG 33 CFR/46 CFR)
  Oil Transfer Procedures (USCG 33 CFR 155-156)
  ICS Guide to Helicopter / Ship Operations

Tankers / chemicals
  Tanker Safety Guide (Chemicals)
IMO 100E IBC Code International code for the construction and equipment of ships carrying dangerous chemicals in bulk
IMO 772E BCH Code Code for the construction and equipment of ships carrying dangerous chemicals in bulk (with Supplement 1996 Amendments)
  Safety in Chemical Tankers
  Ship / Shore Safety Check-List Guidelines
  Tank Cleaning Guide, Dr.Verwey's
  CHRIS Manual & Hazardous Chemical Data
  Gas and Chemical Ship's Safety Handbook
  Chemical Data Guide (USCG 1990 CIM 16616.6A)

Tankers / gas
  Tanker Safety Guide (Liquefied Gas)
IMO 520E MARPOL 73/78; Consolidated edition
IMO 104E IGC Code International code for the construction and equipment of ships carrying liquefied gases in bulk
IMO 165E Supplement 1996 Amendments to the IGC Code
IMO 782E Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying liquefied gases in bulk
IMO 860E Inert Gas Systems (fartyg försedda med IGS)
  Advance Training Programme on Liquefied Gas Tanker Operations
  Liquefied Gas Handling Principles on Ship and in Terminals
  Ship to Ship Transfer Guide (Liquefied Gases)
  International Fuel Gas safety Guide

Special purpose ships
IMO 185E International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft (HSC Code)
(high-speed crafts only)
IMO 820E Code of Safety for Special Purpose Ships

IMO 155E FSS Code; International Code for Fire Safety System
IMO 847E Graphical Symbols for Fire Control Plans
IMO 844E Fire Test Procedures Code
IMO 867E Code on Alarms and Indicators, 1995

Other recommended publications
IMO 116E ISPS Code & 2002 Amendments to SOLAS
IMO 117E ISM Code & Guidelines
IMO 110E SOLAS Safety of Life at Sea Consolidated edition 2004
IMO 172E
SOLAS Amendments 2003-2005
IMO 155E FSS Code; International Code for Fire Safety System
IMO 982E LSA-Code; International Life-Saving Appliance Code
PWI003 Guidelines for the Control of Drugs and Alcohol Onboard Ship
IMO 266E Code of Practise for the Safe Loading and Unloading of Bulk Carriers
(BLU Code)
IMO 267E Recommendations on the Safe Use of Pesticides in Ships
IMO 282E International Convention for safe Containers (CSC) 1972
IMO 284E IMO/ILO/UN ECE Guidelines for Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTUs)
(to be inserted into the Supplement to the IMDG Code)
IMO 290E Recommendations on the Safe Transport of Dangerous Cargoes and Related Activities in Port Areas
IMO 350E Convention on Facilitation of Int. Maritime Traffic (FAL)
IMO 516E Provisions Concerning the Reporting of Incidents Involving Harmful Substances under Marpol 73/78
IMO 560E Manual on Oil Pollution Section 2 -Contingency Planning
IMO 566E Manual on Oil Pollution Section 3 -Salvage
IMO 586E Guidelines for the Development of Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plans; SMPEP
IMO 650E Procedures for Port State Control
IMO 597E Comprehensive Manual on Port Reception Facilities
IMO 646E Pollution Prevention Equipment required under MARPOL 73/78
IMO 656E Guidelines For the Implementation of Annex V (sis. MARPOL -97 kirjaan)
IMOB 701E Load Lines Convention (incl. Supp. & Prot.)
IMO 874E Code on Intact stability for all types of Ships covered by IMO instruments
IMO 946E Pocket Guide to Cold Water Survival
IMO 960E IAMSAR Manual Volume I
IMO 961E IAMSAR Manual Volume II
IMO 962E IAMSAR Manual Vol. III
IMO 970E GMDSS Handbook
IMO 938E STCW-95 IMO standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping
IMO 945E STCW-95 Amendment 1 (1997)
IMO 954E STCW-95 Amendment 2 (2001)
IMO 972E IMO workshop material on implementation of the revised STCW Convention
IMO 978E Performance Standards for Shipborne Radiocommunications and Navigational Equipment
IMO 981E Poster: Life-Saving Appliances Symbols
IMO 982E International Life-Saving Appliance Code (LSA Code)
IMO 987E Standard Marine Communication Phrases
  Bridge Procedures Guide 3/1998 WI+J398
  Symbols and Abbreviations
  Guide to Helicopter / Ship Operations
  Cargo Handling, Stowage and Securing
  Prevention of Pollution of the Marine Environment and Anti-pollution Procedures
  Ship Stability for Masters and Mates
  Life-saving Signals and Rescue Methods
  Ship Manouvering and Handling
  PWIRMO Response to Marine Oil Spills
  PWIPSS Peril at Sea and Salvage - A Guide for Masters
  The Mariner's Role in Collecting Evidence
  Guidelines for the Inspection and Maintenance of Double Hull Tanker Structures
  Guidance Manual for Tanker Structures
  Liquefied gas Handling Principles On Ships and in Terminals
  Bulk Carriers; Guidelines for Surveys; Assessment and Repair of Hull Structure
  Dictionary of Shipping; International Business Trade Terms and Abbreviations
  Training and Assessment on Board
  The American Practical Navigator (Bowditch)

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