John Nurminen Marine Ltd in Helsinki, Finland specializes in serving yacht cruisers and seafarers. We provide you with maps and guides to all seas, boat electronics, navigators and gift articles. See the product range in our WebShop!

All you need for navigating


Adlard Coles - marine literature
Admiralty - charts and publications
ARCS - electronic charts
BlueChart - plotter charts
CD seacharts - finnish electronic charts
C-MAP - charts for plotters and computers
Estonian seacharts and pilot books
Finnish seacharts
Flags (signal and guestflags)
Fujinon - binoculars
Genimap - digital chartproducts
Garmin - navigational electronics
Humminbird - fish finder
IMO och ITU publications
Imray - charts and pilot books
Leadtek - GPS
Linex - protractors, dividers
Maritime Progress - IMO-signs
Maptech BSB-charts
Navicore - carnavigation
Navionics - plotter charts
Navtex - paper
Norwegian seacharts
Reeds Nautical Almanac
Raymarine - electronics
Russian seacharts
seaPro - chart program
SEIWA - chart plotters
Steiner - binoculars
Swedish seacharts and pilot books
True Heading - AIS
German seacharts
WSOY - charts and publications
etc. etc.


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